Biblical Prosperity

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A study of the biblical view of prosperity.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  1. Who is the author of prosperity?
  2. What does 3 John 2 say about prosperity?
  3. According to 8:18
  4. According to Romans 11:11 why does God give prosperity to the Gentiles?
  5. What are some clues that Jesus was not poor?
  6. In the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand people, what clue tells us that the disciples had the money to buy the food for the people? Mark 6:35-44; Luke 9:12-17.
  7. Were the disciples poor men? Mark 10:17-31
  8. What is the world’s definition of prosperity?
  9. State the biblical definition of prosperity?
  10. What is God’s will for us concerning prosperity? 3 John 2
  11. State two things the Bible says about getting wealth unrighteously?
  12. According to Luke 6:38 what is the great spiritual law?
  13. What is the great spiritual law stated in Ecclesiastes 11:1?
  14. What is God’s new covenant according to Hebrews 8:6-13?
  15. What spiritual law is stated in II Cor. 9:6-7?
  16. According to Lev. 27:30, who does the tithe belong to?
  17. What does 26:1-4 say about tithing?
  18. Malachi 3 says when you fail to tithe you rob (J{)d. What is the difference between a robber and a burglar?
  19. What is a storehouse?
  20. What does Prov. 19:17 say about giving to the poor?
  21. What does Psalms 41: 1 say about giving to missions?
  22. What king of giving will result in a 100-fold return? Mark 10:29-30
  23. What does Hebrews 13:15 say about giving praise unto God?
  24. According to Philippians 4:18 how does God feel about sacrificial giving?
  25. According to Hebrews 11:1 what is essential for withdrawing from your heavenly bank account?

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Greg Ota

Greg Ota

Doctor of Biblical Theology & Philosophy

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