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Welcome to New Life Bible College and Seminary

The base of adequate Biblical training and exclusive Segmentation of God’s word for easy comprehension.

Understanding the power of God’s word, we professionally equip God’s people with the truth of God’s word, converting them to be maturing followers of Christ and  disciples in different parts of the world.

From the onset of New Life Bible College & Seminary, we take pride in equipping students with biblical truth to live out the scripture’s efficacy and making them fishers of men.

Our Classes

We train students in Old and New Testament surveys at various certificate levels and degrees.

Our classes range from Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Biblical Theology, Biblical Counseling, and Ministry. Our Accreditation is by the world’s fastest accreditation body – Accrediting Commission International

We solve sound education’s core requirement, aside from attending a traditional seminary/Bible Study due to family or job constraints.

Law and Grace

A study of the differences and similarities of the doctrine of Law and Grace.

The Bible

A look at the history and origin of our Bible.

Soul Winning

A study of the concepts and techniques of winning souls for Christ.


A comprehensive study of the person, life, birth, ministry, divinity, miracles....


A basic study of demons, their origins, organization and activities.

Positive Faith

A study of the definition, source and application of biblical faith.


A comprehensive study of preaching, including the definition of preaching...

God's Doctrine

A comprehensive study of theology.

A New Level of Theology Training

New Life emanated to bridge the gap between the traditional student and the excellent learning of God and his word.

At New Life Bible College & Seminary, we firmly target to educate every Christian that walks through the college doors to rightfully divide God’s word, prepare them for Christian ministry, theological exploits, and practical ministry training.

Pursuing your Bible studies degree allows you to couple your faith and academics to help you enter a career that reflects your beliefs.

We are bent on offering the best biblical education you need to excel.  Where would you rather enroll for a bible study aside from our affordable and Top-notch College?