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Our Purpose

Discover why God has ordained us to be here, what we believe, and how we're here to help.


The purpose of this College and Seminary is to provide a broad based basic Christian theological education to students who cannot attend full-time classes on a traditional college campus. This is accomplished through our online or “Correspondence Bible Studies Program” or our local “Extension School Studies Program”. New Life Bible College & Seminary classes are held weekly at our Jonesboro campus and wherever else we establish satellite presence in the world.  Our goal is to equip Christian leaders with the skills necessary for the practice of ministry and Christian service. We believe that we offer a fine Christian education in a streamlined fashion.

We have purposely abbreviated our requirements for graduate and post-graduate degrees in an effort to hold the tuition to a minimum and allow the busy Pastors and Christian workers ample time to complete their desired area of study.

We think that as you review the various programs you will see that we have streamlined the supporting areas of study by giving you the same necessary information with less reading and research material.  The only essential textbook is the Holy Bible, although there may be some required reading.

What We Believe

We are a fundamental Bible-believing seminary. We believe that the Holy Bible is the only inspired and infallible written Word of God. We accept that the Holy Bible as God’s instruction manual for life and that it is not open to any single or denominational interpretation but is written for all of mankind.


The seminary is non-denominational in its doctrinal teaching. All courses are Bible based and not designed to promote any specific denominational doctrine.


New Life Bible College & Seminary holds no organizational affiliations to any particular denomination other than being sheltered under the non-profit status of New Life Empowerment Development Centers, Inc. and in partnership with the local Fisher Street COGIC, International.