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NEW LIFE BIBLE COLLEGE & SEMINARY, INC has received a Letter of Exemption from Certification issued by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education to offer church-related programs/courses and grant church-related degrees.

New Life Bible College & Seminary has been fully accredited by Accrediting Commission International (ACI), Beebe, Arkansas, by Dr. John Scheel; President. ACI is the fastest growing accrediting commission in the world and accreditation is granted only after an on site visit to verify the validity of the school and its program.

In the area of Christian Education, accreditation is controversial.  Most do not believe that it is right for Christian Schools and Colleges that offer only theological training should come under secular (worldly) accreditation, as these agencies can regulate what can and cannot be taught.  NO SECULAR ACCREDITATION IS REQUIRED FOR CHRISTIAN COLLEGES AND SEMINARIES THAT DO NOT TEACH SECULAR SUBJECTS. We do feel that Christian accreditation is important and necessary to establish proper standards of academic excellence within Christian education.

If your sole purpose of needing a Christian education is for the Gospel Ministry or a related field within Christian Ministry, secular accreditation is generally not necessary or required.  All Christian churches will accept quality Christian education regardless of which accreditation group the school is affiliated with.  If you are studying for a purpose other than ministry, make sure that the school to which you are going to transfer or study with belongs to a regional accrediting association.  In secular education, regional accreditation is essential.